Speed up Data Science with Kognitio and MicroStrategy

With big data moving rapidly from concept to execution and more firms looking to take advantage of the technology, what will set the best-performing businesses apart in the coming years will not only be what insights they can gain from their information, but how quickly they can do this.

Business users are increasingly demanding faster access to reports and IT is under more pressure than ever to deliver a high-speed service that does not compromise on the quality of the results. Therefore, tools to improve the performance of business intelligence tools will be high on many chief information officers’ priorities for 2014.

This is set to be one of the major themes at this year’s MicroStrategy World conference, which is taking place this week between January 27th and 30th. It will see some of the world’s leading experts on data analytics head to Las Vegas to learn about the latest developments for the enterprise software at more than 130 informative sessions.

Among the key sponsors of the event is Kognitio, which will be demonstrating why its Analytical Acceleration tool is the ideal accompaniment to MicroStrategy. By adding the analytical platform to a mature MicroStrategy environment, companies can hugely improve the speed at with they get results, with a short time to value and minimal disruption to existing users.

To further detail how the Kognitio Analytical Platform can work for businesses, Kognitio will be running a presentation at the event, led by vice-president of business analytics at the firm Nigel Sanctuary. This will show customers how by adopting Kognitio’s acceleration tools, they will still have the MicroStrategy solutions they know – only better.

One of the key developments since last year’s ‘World’ is the rapid growth in the Data Science profession.  Declared “the sexiest job of the 21st century” in a Harvard Business Review, organizations have sought out and hired Data Scientists at a record pace.  The Kognitio Analytics Center of Excellence Team, of which Mr. Sanctuary is an ancillary member, has done an extensive analysis of how data science can be leveraged into the “business as usual” for firms who seek to become “The Analytical Enterprise”.  An analytical enterprise is one that is simultaneously data-driven and customer-driven, in a synergistic fashion.  Key to this approach is the ability to integrate advanced data science algorithms*, in line with Standard Query Language (SQL), the “lingua franca” of Business Intelligence (BI) tools and applications that span enterprises today.

*”data science algorithms” taken to mean advanced programing languages like R, Python, Perl and SAS.

Moreover, Mr. Sanctuary will delve into where the Data Science functionality should reside, positing that it is the Administrators of MicroStrategy and other BI Tools that need to elevate their role to be a “BI Center of Excellence (CoE).” A BI CoE is not only the home of The Data Science Lab, but it is the enablement team for the fast integration of advanced analytics into the business with low disruption to existing users and processes.

Users can expect a jump in performance of anywhere between ten and 100 times their previous speeds at a result of pairing the Kognitio Analytical Platform with their MicroStrategy environment, which will allow businesses to conduct real-time analytics on a wide variety of data.

The big data platform also ensures information can be gathered from all across an organization – whether this is sourced from enterprise data warehouses, Hadoop or more – to make it available for the most in-depth, accurate reporting.

Mr Sanctuary will be illustrating how this can be applied to a real-world scenario with a retail case study. This is one of the sectors that can most benefit from Kognitio’s technology, due to the wide range of metrics available. With billions of transactions taking place around the world every day, being able to quickly turn this into real insight is essential.

Kognitio’s presentation is scheduled to take place on Tuesday January 28th. As well as this, professionals from the firm will be on hand throughout the event at booth 501 to offer users more information about how they can boost performance through the integration of the Kognitio Analytical Platform.

Of course, there will be much more to discover at the conference, with chief executive of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor promising that this year’s event will be “bigger and better than ever”.

He added: “We encourage companies to come to World and hear how MicroStrategy is helping companies empower their employees with insight, capture new business and trump the competition.”

The presentation materials will be available on SlideShare later this week.