Five critical data challenges organizations are facing in 2018

Modern business is largely data-driven, but this has opened up new challenges for forward-thinking organizations. Enterprises must come up with innovative ways to handle the volume, velocity and variety of data to ensure their insights are fast, accurate and synchronized. What’s more, the need for skilled data workers is accelerating. Does that mean there’s an…

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What makes the worst bus stop in London?

In this blog we’ll go into more detail about some of the underlying processes and decisions that drove the results displayed on this “The worst bus stop in London” page. How much data? And how was it collected? From the TfL API, we collected three months of bus arrivals data across approximately seven hundred bus…

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Participate in the Kognitio Console beta test program

Kognitio Console is Kognitio’s client side management program for the Kognitio Analytical Platform. Some of its features are: It allows inspection of the metadata tree for schemas, tables, views, external scripts, users, connectors, sessions, queues, etc. It also gives an object view to each of these metadata objects, allowing their inspection and management. There are…

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