Data Science and Big Data Challenges

71 percent of data scientists believe their jobs have grown more difficult Interesting study and observations on Data Scientists suffering from increasing difficulty with data, systems and parallelism for analytics. But this is partly brought on by trying to self-build from a diverse set of components that do not always fit particularly well or at…

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Many CPUs make light work of complex text comparison

Feature of the Month – EDIT_DISTANCE function A great example of how useful little functions can place extreme demands on your computing infrastructure by virtue of the underlying math and iterations required. In this case the function calculates the Levenstein Edit Distance for two strings. Kognitio’s scale-out processing across all available servers and all available…

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Information Anywhere

The Era of Big Data requires an ‘Information Anywhere’ approach to business analytics   Gartner Research refers to the concept as the Logical Data Warehouse, while Enterprise Management Associates calls it the “Hybrid Data Ecosystem“, and Radiant Advisors refers to the idea as a “Modern Data Platform”.  Whatever you call it, the Kognitio Analytical Platform…

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