Address your big data challenges, the Kognitio Analytical Platform explained

Watch how the Kognitio Analytical Platform provides highly scalable, in-memory analytical software that delivers ultra fast, high-concurrency SQL access to large and varied data using low-cost commodity hardware or Hadoop. When your growing user community wants ever faster query responses for complex workloads – they want unequivocal raw compute power by harenssing lots of CPUs…

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Streaming analytics to be key big data priority for 2016

Improved streaming analytics capabilities, self-service solutions and advanced in-memory tools will be among the key big data analytics technologies businesses will be investigating throughout 2016, a new report has found. A study by Forrester Research, which notes the development of big data technology is reaching a new stage this year, as organisations aim to embed…

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Scale-out in-memory is a tough nut that can be cracked!

Interesting article published a week back in UK Computing “What’s holding back in-memory databases?” It raises a series of points that can be summed up in “it’s tough to engineer” and “there are still misunderstandings”. The counter points are “with the right team and time it’s definitely doable” – Kognitio clients will attest to…

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