The differences between KogScript running in Console and kogscript.exe

Feb 24, 2017 | By Michael Atkinson

KogScript is a general purpose programming language based on Lua. It may be run within Console, which acts as an integrated development environment for it, or run from the command line tool kogscript.exe. The KogScript running within Console and via kogscript.exe are compiled from the same source files and are identical with the following exceptions….

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Beginner tips for Kognitio scripting

Standard ANSI SQL, whilst a great language for database querying, doesn’t allow for commonly used features like looping or extensive variable usage. There are variants which support some of this e.g. Transact-SQL but not on Kognitio until the introduction of Kognitio scripts. But 2 languages in one script? How does this work? Kognitio scripts (also…

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