The differences between KogScript running in Console and kogscript.exe

KogScript is a general purpose programming language based on Lua. It may be run within Console, which acts as an integrated development environment for it, or run from the command line tool kogscript.exe.

The KogScript running within Console and via kogscript.exe are compiled from the same source files and are identical with the following exceptions.


In kogscript.exe the global variable sqldebug is set to 3. The sqldebug variable is used to control how much information is output on each sql query within the KogScript as it is executed. A level of 3 shows the query status, and table contents.

In Console sqldebug is not defined, so it acts as if it had a value of 0, this means no information is output to the terminal on sql execution, instead Console has integration of queries within the script view as info and table and stored in the script history.


When running within Console the global variable withinConsole is set to true

Console integration

When running within Console there are two extra global tables holding data and methods used to integrate scripts with Console (within the table kog) and access Qt objects and methods (within the table qt).

An example of how to use the qt methods may be found in the Examples tool as “Using Qt from Kog Scripts”. This shows how to open Qt dialogs, and use Qt grids and views.

The kog global table holds functions to access the main elements of the Console application user interface. From those it is possible to access the rest of the user interface. There are about 100 classes and thousands of objects available. To find out which methods, variables and enumerations are available for one of the kog functions use list(), as in:

mw = kog.mainWindow()

Which gives outout like:


Loader and Unloader

To run either of these from KogScript, the script needs to be run within Console as they make use of Console integration to run the Loader or Unloader tools built into Console. The example below shows how to run Unloader from within Console.

-- Get a reference to the console main window.
mw = kog.mainWindow();

config =[[

-- Now run the unloader using the configuration above. 



KogScript within Console and the kogscript.exe command line tools are identical as far as running SQL queries and the Lua language.

Where they differ is that within Console there are extra features to enable integration with Console itself.

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