What will the big data challenges for 2016 be?

Big data is in a state of constant evolution, with new technologies and software regularly emerging in the field.

There are increasing numbers of companies that are turning to big data in order to control the vast amounts of information controlled on a variety of devices, ranging from laptops and tablets to mobile phones and even smartwatches.

It was noted by Information Age that the result of this is that big data can no longer be considered a passing trend. Enterprises need to accept that the technology is here to stay – as when internal communications, cloud computing and social media interactions are considered, organisations are having to handle more information than ever before.

With so much data now readily available to companies, organising it is harder than ever before. Information Age noted  it is increasingly challenging to put big data into a unified format, especially when it comes to governing information and making sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

As well as this, big data remains a relatively new technology and companies that have just begun using it will be more likely to encounter difficulties. Accessing logs and audit trails could also be challenging for businesses that are looking to check harder-to-reach information.

Big data has become such a phenomenon in the IT industry that likely that some companies will feel they have to investigate the technology, even though it may not necessarily be suited to them.

Prior to investing any time or money into big data, companies should fully consider what they are hoping to get out of big data. It may be that workers need to complete more training on data mining and machine learning, or they could struggle to interpret data properly.

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