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Nectar Italia

Nectar Italia Transforms Loyalty Card Analytics With Kognitio WX2

Italian coalition loyalty program chooses Kognitio as data warehouse solution to enable business partners to learn, analyze and understand more about customers’ buying habits

Milan, Italy and Chicago, IL, November 1, 2011 — Italian coalition loyalty program operator, Nectar Italia, has chosen in-memory analytics vendor Kognitio to help provide unparalleled insight into consumers activity to its coalition partners within the Italian market. Nectar Italia has adopted Kognitio’s WX2 analytic database to run its customer insight and analytics operations.

Modeled on the successful Nectar program in the UK, Nectar Italia launched the first coalition loyalty program in Italy in March 2010, including leading retail partners such as Simply Sma, So Oney, IP, Auchan, UniEuro, Hertz, Unicredit, IBS, Welcome Travel, Seat Pagine Gialle and Pirelli. To serve its coalition partners better and offer them rapid insight into and analytics on customer behavior, buying habits and spending patterns, Nectar Italia chose to implement a Kognitio WX2 data warehouse platform to analyze data collected via the program.

Nectar Italia reaches over 7 million Italian active consumers. With such a large target market, the coalition loyalty program provider can see enormous value in collecting large amounts of rich information on program members, analyzing this information and offering rapid, up-to-date insight to the program’s coalition partners. Nectar Italia chose Kognitio WX2 to analyze these large volumes of customer information based on the analytic database’s performance and flexibility, particularly its ability to crunch through mountains of information at high speed. Kognitio WX2 now enables Nectar Italia to offer unparalleled insight into customer behavior and spend, and enables fast analytics in order to serve and incentivize customers better.

“When we launched the Nectar coalition loyalty program in Italy, we not only wanted to offer a rewarding program to our members. We also wanted to offer a rich and detailed customer insight analytics service to our partners in the program using member data,” commented Francesco Tiberi, Head of IT at Nectar Italia. “We decided to leverage the positive experience that the Nectar UK program had with Kognitio. We are positively impressed by the system performance and scalability, and count on WX2 as an enabler to grow Nectar Italia, offering more insights and analytics on customer behavior than ever before.”

“As the speed of business operations continues to increase dramatically, so does the need for equally rapid information and analysis on operations and customers,” explained Steve Millard, Chief Operating Officer at Kognitio. “With information on a 7 million consumer base, Nectar Italia has recognized the need for high-performance and high-resilience analytic database software. This will allow it to collect, store and analyze large volumes of data quickly and then offer timely insight from the information to its partner community. We’re delighted to be helping Nectar Italia ensure that its coalition loyalty program is as rewarding as possible both for its member and partner communities.”

About Kognitio

Kognitio is a long-standing innovator in the data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics markets. The company has pioneered many of the technologies now employed by state-of-the-art data warehouse/BI systems including the industry’s first in-memory analytic database, data warehouse appliance, MPP shared-nothing database, and Data warehousing as a Service (DaaS) cloud-based solution. Kognitio’s award-winning WX2 product is the industry’s fastest and most scalable analytic database, enabling firms to turn massive amounts of raw, complex data into valuable insight to solve their most urgent business problems. Its clients span many industries including market research, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, gaming, media and utilities. Kognitio is based in Bracknell, UK, with North American headquarters in Chicago and offices in New York, Raleigh, Dallas, Minneapolis and other U.S. cities. More information is available at on Twitter and Facebook.

About Nectar Italia

Nectar is the first Coalition Loyalty Program in Italy, launched in March 2010, with 7 million active consumers. Nectar integrates into a single card the points collection from many brands, and allows collecting points faster than ever in over 6.000 points of sale throughout Italy.

Nectar partners as of today are: Simply, Ipersimply, Sma and Punto Simply supermarkets; Nectar So Oney for Nectar credit card; IP petrol stations; Auchan hypermarkets; UniEuro electronics retailers; Hertz car rental in Italy; UniCredit; the well known online portal for books and media, the travel agencies network of Alpitour World and Costa Crociere Welcome Travel, the value add service 89.24.24 of Seat Pagine Gialle, the Pirelli Tyre dealers’ network and numerous online partners.

Nectar is an Aimia company. Aimia is a global leader in loyalty management. Our unique capabilities include proven expertise in building proprietary loyalty strategies, launching and managing coalition loyalty programs, creating value through loyalty analytics and driving innovation in the emerging digital and mobile spaces. We build and run loyalty programs for ourselves and for some of the world’s best brands.

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