Quick Reference Sheets

One page sheets designed for printing out. Click links to download.

Accessing Kognitio

Details for Kognitio drivers and access:

Kognitio SQL

Quick reference for SQL synatax for:


Kognitio external connectors are designed for fast access to data sources that are external to Kognitio:

A number connectors come as standard with the Kognitio software:

  • Amazon S3 - data held in AWS S3 object store

  • HDFS - data held in HDFS file system

  • Kognitio Crossload - access data from another Kognitio system using multiple threads

  • Map Reduce - data held in HDFS with filtering pushed down to map reduce

  • MapR-FS - data held in MapR-FS file system

  • ODBC - data held in other databases

  • Unloader Connector - use Kognitio’s bulk unloader for accessing data from other Kognitio systems

The attributes to configure connectors are largely common to all connectors:

Client Utilities

There are a number of client tools shipped with the Kognitio software that are accessible from the command line. These are also available in the Client Tools Bundle. See the Kognitio Downloads page for details

Utility for submission of SQL:

For loading and unloading data from the command line:

For administrators there are 2 utilities for backing up and restoring Kognitio: