Restarting Kognitio after a MapR cluster reboot



To deploy Kognitio on MapR systems we now recommend using Containerized Kognitio .

Therefore the “Kognitio on MapR” product is no longer available to new users.

Existing users can still receive updates via support channels. Please contact us via the community forum or our support portal if you want to migrate to a containerized deployment.


Kognitio will not automatically restart after a MapR cluster is rebooted.

It is possible to set up a chrontab by adding a line:

@reboot <install-dir>/wx2/current/bin/wxsvc start

where <install-dir> is the directory specified in the Kognitio on MapR installation.

This chron job will restart the Kognitio Service Manager Daemon but will not necessarily detect the Kognitio disks properly. Once the cluster reboot is completed, log in as the Kognitio user and run the following commands to synchronize and restart Kognitio:

wxsvc restart
wxserver smd allrestart
wxserver start