Getting started with Kognitio on MapR



To deploy Kognitio on MapR systems we now recommend using Containerized Kognitio .

Therefore the “Kognitio on MapR” product is no longer available to new users.

Existing users can still receive updates via support channels. Please contact us via the community forum or our support portal if you want to migrate to a containerized deployment.


The Kognitio retail demo data is used in this tutorial to show you how to use Kognitio’s in-memory capabilities to run very fast SQL queries.

Before you read this page you should have installed Kognitio on MapR and have Kognitio running. Then you need to:

Then you’re ready to pick one of the options below. You can follow our detailed step-by-step explanation or run the scripts.

Step-by-step explanation

If you’d like to see the detail:

Pre-built SQL scripts

If you prefer to skip the detail, run the scripts.