Using the Kognitio Launcher

Kognitio on AWS and the Kognitio Launcher are available from Version 8.2.3 onwards.

This page describes how to use the Kognitio Launcher to create and manage Kognitio on AWS servers (also referred to as clusters where there may be multiple nodes clustered together to form a server).


Before you begin you will need:

Open the Launcher

Open the Kognitio Launcher CloudFormation Stack then use the PublicURL or PrivateURL from the output tab and log into your Kognitio Launcher by entering the default “admin” user and the launcher password.

The launcher interface has two parts, the sidebar and the main page. The sidebar has menus at the top and servers will appear below when they are launched. The main page is to the right and occupies most of the window. It’s content varies according to the operation that’s being performed.

Clicking on a cluster in the sidebar will display the cluster management page for that cluster. This allows you to monitor, manage and terminate a cluster. If you have more clusters than will fit in the sidebar they can be accessed using the Manage->Clusters menu.

Welcome Page

The Kognitio Launcher Welcome page is the first page you will see when the Launcher is opened and you can get to it using the Start Here link in the sidebar. It presents you with a number of option buttons which are explained below.

Create Server

This button takes you to a page with the following options:

Launch a new Cluster - launches one or more EC2 instances and creates a Kognitio server cluster on them.

Start Server on this instance - creates a Kognitio server on the launcher instance. Note you will need to have set-up the Launcher on an EC2 instance with at least 8 GB of RAM.

Assemble a cluster - is an advanced option that allows you to assemble a set of EC2 instances you have already launched using the Kognitio AMI. The instances must all be inside the same AWS availability zone and VPC subnet. This option provides extra control over resource allocation but is more complicated.

These options are also available from the Create Server link in the sidebar.

Get Started

This button will open a new tab in your web browser with the Getting Started With Kognitio page open.


This button will open a new tab in your web browser with the Accessing Kognitio page open. This page contains information about the various ways you can connect to a Kognitio server.


This button will take you to a Launcher page describing the various support options.


This button will take you to the root of the Kognitio documentation tree.


This button will open a new tab in your web browser with documentation for the Kognitio Launcher.