Microsoft Power BI basic configuration for Kognitio

A video of this setup can be viewed here.


These instructions are based on Windows 10 but should be the same for any version of Windows supported by Power BI.

To connect, there are four requirements:

  • A system running Kognitio to connect to. Refer to the installation guide for details

  • Kognitio ODBC driver and command line tools installed. See the Kognitio Downloads page. (Note the ODBC driver is part of the the Kognitio console)

  • Power BI installed, found here

  • Kognitio Power BI connector file. This is available in the Client Tools section of the Kognitio Downloads page.

1. Placing the connector

Navigate to the Documents for the user (can be accessed via the side bar in This PC).

Here if there isn’t a folder called Microsoft Power BI Desktop then create it and another inside that called Custom Connectors. Place the connector file in the Custom Connectors directory.

Placing connector

2. Enabling the connector

To enable the connector, start by launching Power BI.

Close the startup splash screen and in the top left, select File > Options and settings > Options.

Options menu

Select Preview features underneath the Global section on the left. Check the box for Custom data connectors.

Preview features

It’s also worth enabling tracing for when connection problems arise. This is under Diagnostics, and then check the box for Enable tracing.


A prompt will appear asking for Power BI to be restarted so that changes can be applied.

Restart prompt

3. Using the connector

Launch Power BI again and select the Get data option.

Splash screen

In the popup window that appears, scroll down until you see the KogSQL connector. Select it and click connect.

Connector list

A popup will appear asking for host details. Insert your Kognitio system’s IP address or DSN name in the host box and then check DirectQuery in the data connectivity mode. For more information on see how to setup a DSN.

Host details

Another prompt will appear asking for your Kognitio login credentials, insert them and click connect.

System login credentials

After a few seconds, a tree of system schemas will appear.

System schema

Now you can select a table/view and start making visuals.

For a step by step instructions on setting up data for optimial performance in Kognitio see the Getting Started Tutorials