Apache Superset basic configuration

Apache Superset (incubating) is a modern, enterprise-ready business intelligence web application. This walkthrough provides details on how to connect to Kognitio.

1. Install and run the Kognitio REST API

Connecting to Apache Superset requires the Kognitio REST API to be installed and running. See the REST API installation page for details.

2. Navigating to add database form

Select DATABASES from the SOURCE menu dropdown.

Add database

Click the plus (+) icon in the top right

Add database 2

3. Configuring the database to add

Give the database an alias “Kognitio” and add the URI using the format (filling in your details):


where FQDN is the fully qualified domain name of the system running your Kognitio REST API.


Scroll to the bottom and add to the engine params in extras:

         "requests_kwargs" : {"verify": "<cert-path>/kog_rest_cert.crt"}

where <cert-path> is the full path to the certificate that was generated during the Kognitio REST API install and has been transferred to your Apache Superset server.

Add cert to extras

4. Test connection

Scroll back to the URI entry box and click the Test connection box and a pop-up will appear confirming connectivity. Scroll to the bottom and click to save this database.

You can now add a table, use the SQL editor to preview tables and create visuals. See our retail dataset tutorial for some ideas.

If you have issues setting up connectivity please contact us via the community forum or our support portal and we will help you get started.