Apache Zeppelin basic configuration

Setting up Zeppelin to connect to Kognitio using a JDBC connection with a set username and password is simple.

1. Download the JDBC driver and documentation.

The JDBC driver and documentation are available in the client tools section of the Kognitio download page.

Copy the driver to the Zeppelin server in a directory that will be accessible to Zeppelin. You may need to ask the Zeppelin administrator to do this for you. Make a note of its location.

2. Choose “Interpreter” from the drop-down list in the top right “Menu” button of the Zeppelin interface.

Zedppelin menu

3. Click “+Create”.

4. Fill in these parameters.

  • Interpreter Name: kognitio.
  • Interpreter group: jdbc.
  • default.driver: com.kognitio.jdbc.Driver.
  • default.url: jdbc:kognitio://<server IP address or hostname>/.
  • default.user: <your username>.
  • default.password: <your password>.
  • In the dependencies section you need to enter the location of the JDBC driver you downloaded into the artifact text box.
  • You can leave all the other parameters to take their default values.

Click “Save” to create the interpreter.

Zedppelin settings

Refer to the JDBC driver documentation for further details of how to configure the default.url if you are using a non-standard port or require encryption.

If you need connections to multiple servers or accounts, you can create an interpreter for each one, setting the Interpreter Name to kognitio-sys, for example.

You can now create a notebook (setting kognitio as the default interpreter) and query the Kognitio instance.