This section covers topics relevant to Kognitio user administration, including security and access control, monitoring of performance and metrics.

System Administration

Kognitio has a number of adminstrative commands that are extensions to SQL:

  • LOCK SYSTEM - obtain a global session to ensure there are no users on the system while administration is performed

  • LOCK TABLE - obtain a lock on a table that lasts for the duration of the current transaction to allow administration on a table

  • CREATE IMAGE - restore data previously held in RAM. Typically performed after a restart

  • RECLAIM - recover Kognitio internal disk space. System must be locked, largely superceeded by the use of REPACK and disk slabs

  • RECLAIM SYSTEM TABLE - recover both disk space and RAM utilized by the Kognitio System tables.

Deployment Specific Administation and Configuration

Some administration tasks are specific to your deployment option:

Kognitio on Hadoop

Kognitio Standalone

Kognitio on MapR