This section covers topics relevant to Kognitio user administration, including security and access control, monitoring of performance and metrics.

System Administration

Kognitio has a number of adminstrative commands that are extensions to SQL:

  • LOCK SYSTEM - obtain a global session to ensure there are no users on the system while administration is performed

  • LOCK TABLE - obtain a lock on a table that lasts for the duration of the current transaction to allow administration on a table

  • CREATE IMAGE - restore data previously held in RAM. Typically performed after a restart

  • RECLAIM - recover Kognitio internal disk space. System must be locked, largely superceeded by the use of REPACK and disk slabs

  • RECLAIM SYSTEM TABLE - recover both disk space and RAM utilized by the Kognitio System tables.

Deployment Specific Administation and Configuration

Some administration tasks are specific to your deployment option:



To deploy Kognitio on MapR systems we now recommend using Containerized Kognitio .

Therefore the “Kognitio on MapR” product is no longer available to new users.

Existing users can still receive updates via support channels. Please contact us via the community forum or our support portal if you want to migrate to a containerized deployment.