Data in Kognitio

The organization and structure of data in Kognitio is very similar to many other relational database technologies.

SQL is used to create and maintain all the database objects.

This section outlines:

  • How to define objects for holding and organizing data in Kognitio.
  • SQL for handling and manipulating Kognitio objects.
  • Loading Data into Kognitio objects.

Data definition

Creating tables:

There are two types of table in Kognitio, internal and external.

Internal tables are stored on local disk in Kognitio format and can’t be accessed directly by any other application. For standalone systems they are usually the primary storage mechanism.

External tables are used to access data held outside the Kognitio filesystem, typically in Hive directories, as flat files on HDFS or S3 etc. They require connectors to work (ORC, Parquet and flat file connectors for the local file system are created by default).

Using the full functionality of Kognitio: