Accessing data with Kognitio Tables

There are 3 main types of table available in Kognitio:

Internal Tables

Internal Tables are stored in Kognitio’s optimized internal format. These tables can only be accessed using Kognitio SQL via an ODBC or JDBC connection. They are not directly accessible from other applications. For standalone systems they are usually the primary storage mechanism.

External Tables

External Tables are used to access data held outside the Kognitio filesystem whether stored in Parquet, ORC or Avro file formats in Glue or Hive or as flat files in HDFS, S3, WASB etc.

They are based on external table connectors which provide massively parallel access to external data sources.

See External Tables for details of the pre-installed connectors for your platform and External Table Connectors for details of the other connectors available on your platform.

See also - learn how to write to file systems using Kognitio external tables

RAM only Tables

RAM Only Tables are used to create tables in Kognitio memory for temporary use or for rapidly changing data.