Configuring where the script runsΒΆ

It is possible to set the individual nodes that are used to run Kognitio external script invocations. This can be useful if the default behaviour is not desired.

To control the nodes where the script invocations are run, the RUN ON NODES or NOT RUN ON NODES syntax must be used. Note in this case it is most likely that this would be applied at the script environment level to avoid having to set the nodes in every script.

In order to obtain the node names that are present in your Kognitio system run the following SQL query:

SELECT * FROM sys.ipe_nodeinfo

Typical results will be similar to those shown below from Kognitio Console output.


If, for example, third-party software is installed on a subset of nodes then obtain a list of the servers where the software is installed. These will be listed in the OS_NODE_NAME field. The corresponding WX2_NODE_NAME values must be used in the external script interface syntax.

Example: Using node restriction for a single invocation of R