Advanced Analytics in Kognitio - External Scripting

Kognitio external scripting allows you to deploy complex non-SQL analytical code within a SQL framework.

This extremely powerful interface:

  • provides access to complex analytics from BI tools that submit SQL through ODBC and JDBC
  • gives end-users the ability to make use of complex algorithms without having to know or even interact with the underlying coding language
  • allows easy deployment of complex analytics to a wider business audience
  • simplifies administration of access to complex analytics
  • orchestrates parallel invocations of your code via a single SQL query based on your configuration settings and the resources currently available on your system

The Kognitio external scripting interface gives you the ability to invoke any executable, program or binary that can be deployed on Linux.

Learn how to:

Note: this framework is referred to as external scripting because of it’s ability to access resources outside of Kognitio’s SQL execution environment