Kognitio 8.2.4 Documentation


  • Getting started - Step by step tutorial for new users on how to access data and use Kognitio memory for querying.

  • Connecting to Kognitio - How to connect to Kognitio from BI tools via ODBC and JDBC

  • Accessing Data - How to build Kognitio internal and external tables to access data from many different sources.

  • Utilizing Kognitio memory - Kognitio is an in-memory SQL engine - learn how to maximise performance using Kognitio memory images

  • Kognitio SQL - Kognitio supports a rich set of ANSI standard SQL functionality and powerful SQL extensions.

  • Advanced Analytics in Kognitio - Learn how to use Kognitio’s SQL interface to allow you to run non-SQL code with Kognitio. Providing easy access to non-SQL code for SQL users and BI tools

User Administration

  • Access control in Kognitio - adminstration of users, groups and objects in Kognitio including access to the system via authenication methods, security classes and privileges

  • Monitoring User Queries and Performance - controlling user sessions, queuing and queries; monitoring internal disk and RAM use in the system, and checking locking and logging

Reference Material

  • Quick Reference Sheets - One page overviews covering some of the basic SQL functionality, connectivity and many of the client utilities

  • SQL Reference - Full SQL reference for all Kognitio SQL commands

  • Kognitio on Hadoop Command Line - Details of the kodoop commandline utility used to set-up and manage Kognitio on Hadoop clusters

  • Man Pages - Online Version of the manuals for the Kognitio command line utilities