Installing Kognitio Console

This section shows how to install our UI client tool, Kognitio Console. This is the next step after you install Kognitio.

Installing Kognitio Console

1. Download the installer.

Console is available to download from the Kognitio Downloads Page . It is available for:

  • Windows 64-bit
  • Mac
  • Linux

2. Run the installer.


3. Click Next.


4. Click ‘I Agree’ if you’d like to accept the license agreement.


We recommend that you accept all three check boxes:

Option: Result:
ODBC Driver Allow ODBC clients to connect to your database.
Kognitio Command Line Tools Install the command-line utilities.
Kognitio Console Install the console itself.

5. Decide who you want to use Kognitio Console.


Click one of the radio buttons and then click Next.

6. Optionally, change the Destination Folder.


Then click Install.

7. Click Finish.

8. Set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for Kognitio.

Set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for your Kognitio server.

9. Connect to your Kognitio server.

Click the lightning icon console_connect_icon or select File, Connect.

10. Check that you can run some simple SQL.

SELECT value FROM values BETWEEN 1 AND 7;

If you connected successfully, this query should always work.

11. Now run some SQL against your data.

Here’s an example that uses our Retail Demo data:

SELECT COUNT(*) num_items
FROM demo_ret.v_ret_sale;