Connecting Slider to ZooKeeper


A blank hadoop.registry.zk.quorum entry is present in kodoop/slider/conf/slider-client.xml already. The file contains some large blocks that are commented out. Be sure to take this <property> definition out of the comments.

Before using Kognitio you will need to make sure that Slider can use the ZooKeeper cluster. Most systems with a preinstalled Slider will already have hadoop.registry.zk.quorum correctly set in the YARN settings and Slider will pick this up.

If you don’t have this setting then we recommend you add it to the hadoop-site.xml or yarn-site.xml file on the edge node which will be running Kognitio (see Apache’s Slider client configuration page). Cloudera systems don’t always automatically set this property correctly and this can cause problems.

On systems where you can’t (or don’t want to) edit hadoop-site.xml or yarn-site.xml you can set the ZooKeeper cluster settings in the slider-client.xml file in Slider’s conf directory. If you’re using the Kognitio extras tarball you can edit kodoop/slider/conf/slider-client.xml and define the hadoop.registry.zk.quorum property.

Set hadoop.registry.zk.quorum to a comma separated list of host:port pairs that represent all the members of the ZooKeeper quorum.

For example:



ZooKeeper uses port 2181.