Creating a server on the Kognitio Launcher on AWS

This option creates a Kognitio server on the EC2 instance that the Kognitio Launcher is running on. The server will be sized to use up all the resource on the node that isn’t required for the launcher.

If you have used the default t2.large EC2 instance type for the launcher, the server will be small and Glue data access performance and the number of parallel threads you can run for advanced analytics will be limited.


Create a Kognito Server on AWS

1. Enter your Cluster Details

Fill out or select the following:

  • Name - This is the name of your new cluster and will be used in the name of any resources created as part of the cluster creation.

  • Admin Login - Either select previously created credentials that you want to use or keep the default of “Local Instance Credentials”. If in any doubt, use the default. Credentials control how you connect to your cluster and are described in Manage Credentials

  • SYS Password - Enter a SYS Password which you can use to connect to the main Kognitio administration account (“sys”) using Most tools with JDBC or ODBC connectivity.

Click on Create to create the server, you will see progress messages and once the server is ready you will be presented with the “Management” screen that gives an overview of the resources available on your server.

Kognitio cluster Management Screen

Your Kognitio server is now ready to use: