Data QueryingΒΆ

Kognitio has very mature SQL capabilities supporting the vast majority of ANSI standard SQL:

Kognitio also has extensions to standard SQL to support key Kognitio functionality:

  • Memory images - learn how to use Kognitio memory for optimal performance

  • Connectors - for accessing data outside of your Kognitio cluster

  • Kognitio external scripts - deploy advanced analytics written in non-SQL code using the external script interface.

  • Kognitio Slabs - for management of Kognitio internal disk-based tables

Our documentation is not designed to teach you how to write SQL but our getting started guide starts with some simple queries and builds complexity. Some additional SQL functionality are also outlined below:

To allow easy migration of existing workloads Kognitio also contains a large selection of functions for compatibiilty with traditional databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Use the search box to see if the function you need is supported. If not then please contact us via the community forum or our support portal if you have a maintenance contract.