Quick Reference Sheets

One page sheets designed for printing out. Click links to download.

Accessing Kognitio

Details for Kognitio drivers and access:

Kognitio SQL

Quick reference for SQL synatax for:


Kognitio external connectors are designed for fast access to data sources that are external to Kognitio:

A number connectors come as standard with the Kognitio software:

  • Amazon S3 - data held in AWS S3 object store
  • HDFS - data held in HDFS file system
  • Kognitio Crossload - access data from another Kognitio system using multiple threads
  • Map Reduce - data held in HDFS with filtering pushed down to map reduce
  • MapR-FS - data held in MapR-FS file system
  • ODBC - data held in other databases
  • Unloader Connector - use Kognitio’s bulk unloader for accessing data from other Kognitio systems

The attributes to configure connectors are largely common to all connectors:

Client Utilities

There are a number of client tools shipped with the Kognitio software that are accessible from the command line. These are also available in the Client Tools Bundle . More details for these client tools can be found in our man pages.

Utility for submission of SQL:

For loading and unloading data from the command line:

For administrators there are 2 utilities for backing up and restoring Kognitio: