Using Python in external scripts
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External scripting and python best practice guide

by ChakLeung » Thu Aug 14, 2014 10:49 am

Hi all,

We have started to collect a compendium of best practices for external scripting with Kognitio which will be continually updated in the future as more discoveries are made:

Kognitio external scripting and python best practice guide

The main focus of this initial content is to present best approaches to basic functionality such as interfacing with python including ways to send receive data, passing extra information to scripts via environment variables as well as column headers.

For the more demanding users, there is a small introduction to Kog scripts demonstrating its uses with external script and an example for the motivation. More information on this can be found here on the Kognitio Console sub forum and the console scripting guide:

Console scripting and macros guide

Note that this best practice guide assumes you have basic understanding of the Kognitio architecture, parallel constructs and basic SQL/python knowledge. We encourage users to read through this supplementary training material along with the best practice guide:

Understanding Kognitio RAM

Getting started with Kognitio and python
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