Using R in external scripts
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Kognitio and R. Basics and default parallelism

by skkirkham » Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:50 pm

Hi all

Hot on the heals of our "Getting started with external scripts" for python (that you can find here) the first part of the same series is now available for R.

In part 1 the pdf has an overview of the Kognitio External Scripting Interface and how to get it working with R scripts. It covers the creation and syntax of the Kognitio external script interface. It also has helpful hints on handling input and output, including passing header information you can use to name columns in your R data sets.The examples discussed are available here.

The script assumes that you have R installed on your Kognitio system. R does not come as part of the linux base installation so you will need to make sure it is in place. An example of the script environment creation command is

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create script environment RSCRIPT command '/usr/local/R/bin/Rscript --vanilla --slave'

Note Kognitio utilises the script version of R called Rscript that is located in the same directory as the standard R executable. The options minimise unnecessary actions and are designed for programs that use R to produce results (such as Kognitio). For more details see cran.r-project document: An Introduction to R. Appendix B: invoking R

Take a look at controlling the script invocation in part 2.

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