Using R in external scripts
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Getting Started with Kognitio and R

by skkirkham » Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:19 am

Hi all

The R version of Kognitio's "Getting started with external scripting" is now available. We will be publishing more modules over the coming weeks.

As with the python version each section contains a pdf and accompanying script with examples. In terms of the anlaytical tasks outlined these are delierately straightforwards but are designed to illustrate how to control the interaction between Kognitio and R.

Currently there are 3 introductory pdfs and examples:
Introduction to Kognitio External scripting and R (part 1). Basics and default parallelism
Introduction to Kognitio External scripting and R (part 2). Controlling script processes: threads and nodes
Introduction to Kognitio External scripting and R (part 3). Partitioning Strategies
Although some knowledge of SQL and R is assumed the examples are quite straightforward.

If you have any suggestions for future topics get me know.


Note: if you haven't done so already you will need to create an R script environment on your Kognitio system. An example of the script environment creation command is

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create script environment RSCRIPT command '/usr/local/R/bin/Rscript --vanilla --slave' 
Kognitio utilises the script version of R called Rscript that is located in the same directory as the standard R executable. The options minimise unnecessary actions and are designed for programs that use R to produce results (such as Kognitio). For more details see the cran.r-project document: An Introduction to R. Appendix B: invoking R.
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