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R Passing NA's in data frame to Kognitio - External Script

by awilliams » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:59 pm

Was stumped on this issue for longer than I care to admit but it is fairy simple to solve passing NA values within R data frames to Kognitio as NULL values when using external scripts.

Given df

A | B
--| 1 | NA

and you want to "write it back" to kognitio, where column B is declared as an INT, through stdout you would simply use the following

write.table(x, row.names = FALSE, col.names = FALSE, sep = ",", na = "")

The import parameter being na = "".

Again its a simple solution - and I am sure there are more (efficient for larger df's?)

One issue I havent found a solution for - passing back multiple data frames. Unsure if this is even possible.
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