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kognitio does not start with the following error

by kveeraga » Wed Apr 21, 2021 8:53 pm

kodoop server analytics02 start
Kognitio Analytical Platform software for Hadoop ver80204rel200327.
(c)Copyright Kognitio Ltd 2001-2018.

Starting the Kognitio server analytics02
This will restart if the server is currently running
Checking environment.
All nodes can access HDFS
Environment looks good.
Logging startup to startup.T_2021-04-21_15:22:04_EDT.
--> Cleaning up unwanted files/processes.
--> No processes stopped on one or more nodes.
--> Examining system components.
--> Configuring WX2 software.
Generation results:
WARNING: Unable to recover images as no memory images detected for rscore.
WARNING: Memory image set not valid. Rebuilding images instead.
WARNING: Using 10G links with MTU 1500. Jumbo frames recommended.
WARNING: Resends during (container_e165_1618327085631_56632_01_000010 L 2 -> kodoop@hostname.)

--> Initialising Database.
--> Loading system tables, user tables and view images
Detected a failure on node container_e165_1618327085631_56632_01_000021:
Process 9455: Name WXDB(WATCHDOG), 32-bit ELF, nthreads 1, state T, size 24539136.
: ppid 41210, pgid 9455, tracerpid 0, time 55(17,38)+2231(489,1742).
: status Crashed(ERROR: Child pid 10267 exited on signal 9 ).
: mpid -1, type WATCHDOG

Stopping daemons as server crash reported during SMD operation.
Detected a failure on node container_e165_1618327085631_56632_01_000017:
Process 48563: Name WXDB(WATCHDOG), 32-bit ELF, nthreads 1, state T, size 24539136.
: ppid 15590, pgid 48563, tracerpid 0, time 56(19,37)+2805(460,2345).
: status Crashed(ERROR: Child pid 380 exited on signal 9 ).
: mpid -1, type WATCHDOG
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