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Prerelease 6 is available for download

by andym » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:36 pm

Prerelease 6 of the Kognitio On Hadoop (kodoop) software is now available for download together with an updated quickstart guide which deals with some setup issues we have encountered and updates the instructions to work with the new version.

These replace the previous download materials so the new files can be downloaded by following the links in the original thread and downloading the software/quickstart guide again:

Changes in this version include:
* multi-tenancy issues fixed:
* Problem diagnose only sees faults in current cluster
* concurrent restarts don't generate port clashes
* Improved connector handling:
* Hadoop settings exported to scripts/connectors
* Hadoop plugin defaults use same values as the server
* HDFS and mapreduce connectors created by default
put users in the grp_hdfs group to allow access.
* HDFS filesystem browsable from Kognitio console out of the box
* Improved workflow for cluster creation, upgrades, restarts, etc (see updated quickstart guide).
* Improved reliability of cluster restarts
* Fixed user mapping/permission issues between the edge node user and the user running the yarn task
* Added 'cluster_type' column to the ipe_nodeinfo table (Kodoop reports 'Yarn').
* Exposed HDFS internal data storage replication/compression settings through the server config file (see the template for details).
* Improved logging behaviour:
* reduced the size of container logs and moved them so they can be viewed from the nodemanager API.
* removed server logs (serverdbg, etc) from containers.
* Added HDFS logging. Serverdbg, etc come out in HDFS
* Added log sync so startup/newsys logs are saved to HDFS.
* Added an action log so an audit trail of operations on a cluster is saved to HDFS.
* Improved startup security by using unix domain socket authentication for startup ODBC.
* Various assorted bugfixes and small improvements.
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