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Kognitio 8.2 on Hadoop is now available

by andym » Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:44 pm

Kognitio version 8.2 has been released and the full version is now available free of charge for use on Hadoop clusters.

The latest version is 8.2.0-rel170824. This replaces our previous downloads and can be obtained by visiting

The Kognitio on Hadoop quickstart guide, including instructions for first time installation and upgrading existing instances, can be obtained from the links in our product information thread at

New features in version 8.2 include:
* Asymmetric query processing allows the server to handle a diverse set of workloads and query sizes more efficiently.
* System table and metadata offloading provide faster SQL times and easy system management while servers are under heavy load
* Multi-LHV optimisation to eliminate nodes from query plans based on query filters.
* Improved security through cryptographic signing of UDP messages
* New addon management system for easy deployment of complex connector packages

The full release 8.2 notes can be downloaded from

Feel free to post any questions you have in this forum.
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Kognitio update 8.2.0-rel170824 is available

by andym » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:41 pm

Kognitio update 8.2.0-rel170824 is now released and can be obtained from our download page (

Changes in this release include:
* ORC and Parquet connectors are bundled and enabled by default (previously were a separate addon).
* Improved tolerance of HDFS failures and HDFS being in read-only mode.
* Diagnostic output from connectors now goes to ipe_script_debug.
* Fix for libhdfs problems resulting from RedHat's RHSA-2017:1484 update.
* Other assorted bugfixes for customer reported problems.

This update also fixes an issue which was previously resulting in corrupted downloads for some users. If you previously had problems downloading the software please retry.
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Re: Kognitio 8.2 on Hadoop is now available

by andym » Fri May 11, 2018 7:09 pm

Kognitio Update 8.2.0-rel180412 is released and is live on the website. You can down load the new version by visiting our website:
Instructions for upgrading existing clusters can be found in our online documentation here: ... p-versions

This version includes:
* Correct detection of libhdfs on Cloudera and newer HDP clusters
* Improved handling of the teardown for external scripts which throw errors
* Improved handling of congested or intermittent networking
* New performance testing mode in wxhdfscli to aid identification and diagnosis of HDFS performance bottlenecks
* The ability to specify environment settings in the config file which can be used to supply alternative authentication ticket locations
* Improved resource scheduling for external table connectors via the Script Scheduler module resulting in improved behaviour when running large numbers of parallel external object scans
* Updated Parquet/ORC connectors
* Various other fixes for production issues and customer requested improvements
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