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How do I apply a new patch to my Kognitio on Hadoop system?

by anonymous2 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:53 pm

I am currently running Kognitio version 8.2.0rel170824 on my Hadoop cluster, but have heard a new patch, 8.2.0rel180412 is due soon.

How do I apply this patch, and how can I revert it if required?
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Re: How do I apply a new patch to my Kognitio on Hadoop system?

by markc » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:59 pm

  1. When the new patch is available, download from the Kognitio on Hadoop link at
  2. Copy the resulting kodoop.tar.gz file to the home directory of the Linux user you use for doing the install
  3. "tar xzvf kodoop.tgz" to extract the contents of the tar file
  4. Following the "Upgrading the server software for a cluster" instructions at ... ight=patch by running "kodoop server <your system_id> upgrade ver80200rel180412" for the particular case of applying to 8.2.0rel180412 patch
  5. The system will now be running the new patch

To revert back to a previous patch, e.g. 8.2.0rel170824, run "kodoop server <system_id> upgrade ver80200rel170824>

Note that you can only revert back to a patch with the same version number (8.2.0 in this case) - you cannot generally revert to an earlier version number due to changes in internal product details (e.g. metadata) between different version numbers.
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