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Kognitio 8.2.2 is released for Hadoop and MapR and available for download

by andym » Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:01 am

Kognitio version 8.2.2 has been released for Hadoop and MapR.

The latest version is 8.2.2-rel180914, which replaces our previous download and can be obtained by visiting

Instructions for upgrading existing clusters can be found here: ... p-versions

and instructions for fresh installations are here:

The 8.2.2 release is focused around making external connectivity simpler and faster, particularly when connecting to Hive. New features include:

* A new Hive connector has been added providing very simple, high speed access to data stored in Hive tables with full and transparent pushdown of column and partition elimination.

* The Connector framework has been extended to support metadata connectors, writable external tables, locking and transactional operations and improved filter pushdowns.

* A new Java based API has been added to enable a new class of high-speed, low-latency connectors written in Java.

* Parquet and ORC connectors have been converted to the new capabilities and are now faster with lower latency and improved partition elimination capabilities.

See for a more detailed description of the new features in this release.

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