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Kognitio 8.2.3 is released for Hadoop

by andym » Tue Jul 30, 2019 6:18 pm

Kognitio version 8.2.3 has been released for Hadoop.

The latest version is 8.2.3-rel190726, which replaces our previous download and can be obtained by visiting

This release also comes with a new version of the 'kodoop-extras' package which can be downloaded from here:

Instructions for upgrading existing clusters can be found here: ... ade-kodoop

and instructions for fresh installations are here:

The 8.2.3 release is focused around improving external connectivity, adding write support and adding connectivity with various Amazon AWS technologies. New features include:

* New connector support -- AWS Glue connector, HadoopFS connector (for any file format the Hadoop default filesystem), added S3 support in ORC/Parquet/Hive and Avro support for Hive tables.

* Write support added to standard connectors. Writeable external tables can be created using HDFS/S3/Hive/Glue with CSV, ORC or Parquet file formats.

* Improvements to partition filtering to allow automatically generated partition filters based on non-filtering query predicates (see ... n-columns/ for more information).

* Image rebuild on startup ('create image') is now a background operation. The server will be available immediately and images will load in the background. Queries will pause until any required objects have loaded if they hit an object which is not yet loaded.

* Performance improvements for ORC/Parquet connectors, partition filtering and join strategies.
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