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What are the default connectors and external scripts available with Kognitio on Cloud?

by markc » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:03 am

At the time of writing, the Kognitio AWS Marketplace product ( has a number of connectors and external script environments created by default.


To allow you to easily access data stored in Amazon S3:
  • S3_PARQUET for Parquet files
  • S3_ORC for ORC files
  • S3 for other file types (CSV, Binary, AVRO, JSON)
The group GRP_S3 control read access to these connectors, and GRP_S3_WRITE controls write access (note this does not include read access) to allow writing external tables.

There is also an AWS Glue connector loaded by default and called GLUE. You can access tables through it using the 'table' target string attribute.

The group GRP_GLUE controls read access, and GRP_GLUE_WRITE controls write access. These access data using IAM roles for the EC2 nodes in use, and can access anything in glue. Security restrictions can be achieved by making a new glue connector with a different API key pair.

You can read about connectors in more detail at ... yntax.html

External Script Environments

Four external script environments are created by default:
  • LOCAL_SHELL runs bash
  • LOCAL_PYTHON runs python 2.7 with numpy and scipy installed
  • LOCAL_PYTHON3 runs python 3.6 with numpy, scipy and boto3 (the AWS API) installed
  • LOCAL_R runs rscript 3.4 with the 'forecast' package from CRAN and all depends built and installed
GRP_LOCAL_ENVS is used to control access to these script environments.

You can read about external script environments, and external scripting, which is basically a way to incorporate Python/R/the language of your choice within your SQL at ... t-env.html
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Re: What are the default connectors and external scripts available with Kognitio on Cloud?

by markm » Fri Nov 08, 2019 11:33 am

There are also example connectors for GCP in the github repo linked from the Kognitio on Kubernetes on GCP blog post at ... es-on-gcp/
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