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RAM not updated

by sravan » Wed Nov 12, 2014 11:42 am

We have 2 node kognitio server, later we are trying to add third node to the existing Kognitio server. We have done the stage1 installation then added the disk resource. but RAM is not updated which we have checked with $f2 command.
Below are the differences we have noticed among 3 nodes through wxprobe -w command tool,

Node1: 9.10G memory in 4 PMAs

Node2: 9.10G memory in 4 PMAs

Node3: 0 memory in 0 PMAs

can you please suggest what is the work around to get update the memory.

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Re: RAM not updated

by markc » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:33 pm

The problem is caused by the memory image reuse approach, which tries to reuse the PMA files on each node to quickly restart the system.

So in this case you had PMA files (/dev/shm/wx2-* files) on nodes 1 and 2, but nothing on node 3 as it had not run the software before.

Now when you restart the software, it sees those PMA files on nodes 1 and 2, knows they match up with all the PMA files which existed on the last restart, so just places ram store processes for them, and no ram store processes on node 3.

To resolve, you can do the following:
  • wxserver stop <<< this stops the database software
  • remove the /dev/shm/wx2-* files on each node - you will need to be root to do this
  • wxserver start <<< this will not be able to find old PMA files, so now new PMA files will be created on each node, including node 3.
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