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Kognitio Auto Start Server

by Deizreal » Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:00 am

Hey there

I hope that this find you in good health and going well.

We are looking to have a auto restart on our kognitio server & its nodes.

I was thinking of placing a Linux script to take care of it but we can't get the wxadmin to start the server and that from cmdline.

We have an idea it has to do with using the following command: wxadmin -y

Basically we want to use this to issue a server start command on boot (from a linux script)

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you for your help in advanced
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Re: Kognitio Auto Start Server

by markc » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:53 am

For a single node system you can just run "wxserver start" as wxadmin during your startup.

Normally KAP systems consist of many nodes, so you only want this to run when all the nodes are up (e.g. if you reboot all the nodes, and one of them does an fsck which takes a long time, you probably don't want to restart the KAP software until that completes). You certainly would not want to run a "wxserver start" on each node if they all started up at approximately the same time.

Note that KAP does support automatic recovery from e.g. node failure in a multi-node system. See section 12.2 of the Configuration and Maintenance Manual for more information on that topic.

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