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Latest version 8.1 documentation

by markc » Fri May 24, 2013 10:55 am

The Kognitio manuals consist of the following:
  • Kognitio Guide - a manual giving an overview of the product and detail on many aspects.
  • Kognitio SQL Guide - a manual listing the SQL for most commonly-used functionality.
  • Kognitio Configuration and Maintenance Guide - a manual explaining concepts for setting up and maintaining a system.
The latest version 8.1 documentation in Word format is

The latest version 8.1 documentation in PDF format is

The latest version 8.1 release notes are

An installation guide is at Kognitio%20Software%20Installation.pdf

A quick start guide is at ... 0Guide.pdf
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Re: Latest version 8.1 documentation

by GraemeCole » Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:43 am

External Connector reference sheets are linked to below: ... ectors.pdf has general information about using external connectors. ... ibutes.pdf discusses external table target strings attributes which can be used with most/all connectors. ... ibutes.pdf explains how target strings for external information can be modified to deal with anything other than ordinary CSV data. ... nector.pdf has details on the Amazon S3 connector. has information on the generic ODBC connector. Note that this connector demonstrates functionality, but is not expected to offer the same performance as e.g. the Unloader or Crossload connectors which offers high performance between two systems running the technology preview software. has information on the higher-speed connector for exchanging data between two Kognitio systems running the technology preview using Kognitio's bulk unload API. ... nector.pdf has information on the highest-speed crossload connector for exchanging data between two Kognitio systems running the technology preview (assuming they have good connectivity, of course). explains details of the HDFS connector for accessing data stored in HDFS. explains details of the MAPRFS connector, for working with the MAPR Hadoop distribution's file system (rather than the HDFS file system covered above). ... nector.pdf explains how to use the Map Reduce connector, which allows filtering and projection to be pushed down into a Hadoop cluster using Map Reduce.

Client tool references are here: has details on using wxbashtools for scripting interactions with Kognitio. has information on the wxunloader tool, which supercedes wxexport and wxpexport. has information on the wxloader tool, which supercedes wximport and wxpimport. ... 0users.pdf has information to help users move from wximport to wxloader. has information on the wxbackup tool, for taking database backups. has information on the wxrestore tool, for restoring database backups.

Information on decoding internal Kognitio error codes (e.g. CI2012) into meaningful error descriptions can be found at
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