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Creating a custom external connector

by ChakLeung » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:23 pm

Kognitio currently offers connectors to data in stores such as Amazon S3, Hadoop etc but there also exists the option for users to create their own. Motivations for this include may include non-consistent delimiter for conventional loading or the desire to read from a series of flat files.

Note that some basic Python knowledge is required for the examples in this guide but this functionality is not exclusive to the Python language. To see examples in other programming languages, please see the examples located in "/opt/kognitio/wx2/current/examples" of your Kognitio install where they are prefixed "excon". ... ectors.pdf

Links to the scripts used in this example are found in the PDF file.

This guide outlines the progress of taking a Python parsing script, creating a connector from it and subsequently an external table. Please post any questions you may have below.
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