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Retrieving Data from External Systems

by thanasis » Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:42 am


In order to feed Kognitio with data from a Enterprise Datawarehouse (i.e. Oracle) or Legacy systems (i.e. Oracle, Informix, SQL Server) the only way is through CSV files that are exported from these systems and imported to Kognitio.
Any documentation available for more details in the above.

Thanks in advace
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Re: Retrieving Data from External Systems

by markc » Mon Dec 16, 2013 9:43 am is a single sheet on using the wxloader tool to load data, including CSV.

An alternative is for simple cases is to look at the ODBC Connector sheet mentioned at - this allows a 32-bit ODBC driver to be installed on each node (along with a driver manager if the ODBC driver does not include all the API entry points required by the Kognitio software), and be used to pull data from a DSN. Currently the Kognitio software will not tolerate errors from the driver (e.g. segmentation faults), although that will be handled in a future release.

More information on the Kognitio external table functionality (which the ODBC Connector is a part of), and wxloader can be found in the version 8.1 documentation and release notes which are both attached to this topic:

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