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How do I increase disk capacity on an existing KAP instance?

by Simon.Darkin » Tue Dec 16, 2014 3:21 pm

reconfigure is an operation to add extra disk resources to KAP and spread the existing data over all the disk resources. In terms of preparation ensure that the nodes being introduced to the system have been configured in the exact same way as any pre-existing nodes including an identical global config file, software version and size of disk resource.

When running a reconfigure, a number of "create image" commands will be run (at least two), so it is best practice to clear objects out of RAM before running the reconfigure. Typically this would be done by running the "create system image" SQL command having obtained a global lock. After the reconfigure has completed, required images should be loaded back into RAM.

Reconfigure will not run if any disks in the system are not good.

Reconfigures should always be run from the wxadmin command line tool rather than using SQL, and the quickadd option should always be used rather than the deprecated fulladd option. See section 7.9 of the Configuration and Maintenance manual for an explanation of how to deskew disk data after the quickadd option.

Google the following search term to locate the latest Kognitio documentation, which includes the aforementioned manual.

documentation site:
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