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To move all the schemas and its underling objects with data

by dinesh4321 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:18 am

We are planning to move the schemas and its underling objects with data from production to test environment.

Which would be the best approach:


over all size of prod will be in terabytes.
Can you suggest which way we can transfer effectively with less time.

we need to transfer between
1: prod version 8 to test version 8.
2: prod version 7 to test version 8.
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Re: To move all the schemas and its underling objects with d

by markc » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:15 pm

This is exactly what wxbackup and wxrestore are for.

They will use the underlying wxunloader and wxloader technology where appropriate (e.g. wxunloader does not exist in version 7, so they have to use the old wxexport mechanism), but will also capture object definitions, privileges, schemas, users, groups, ...

Version 8 backup is much faster than version 7, as the backup data is compressed in parallel on the Kognitio platform before the compressed data is sent to the backup client. In contrast, version 7 sends uncompressed data to the backup client, which is then typically the bottleneck as it compresses the data using the small number of cores it has, rather than the version 8 approach of using all the cores in the database platform.

The best way to understand how to do backup and restore is to look at the man pages for wxbackup and wxrestore, as they are comprehensive, and include many relevant examples.
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