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How to restore just a table?

by joe758 » Wed May 06, 2015 8:51 pm

I am trying to restore a table to a system that is
currently in use.

Would this format just restore the data for the table?

wxrestore -s server -u sys -p syspassword \
-d /data/mybackupdir -T schema.table
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Re: How to restore just a table?

by markc » Thu May 07, 2015 4:19 pm

That command will restore the table data. It will also do some other things, as "man wxrestore" shows:

-T table1 table2 ...
Specify a list of tables, views or schemas to restore. If no ta‐
ble names are given, all non-system tables in the backup are
restored. Names must be given in the form "SCHEMA.TABLE". If an
argument contains no dot, it is assumed to be a schema name and
all non-system tables in that schema will be restored. Tables on
which the specified tables depend are automatically restored if
they exist in the backup.

Note that often it will recreate users from the original backup so it can do things like set the owner of the table, and grant privileges to appropriate users/groups. It will also put back any RAM image of the table as it was at the time of backup, set stats, etc. The man page gives more details on these nuances - e.g. supplying --noimage if you do not want the table to be imaged.
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