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Using Tableau on Kognitio: a TDC file

by skkirkham » Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:33 pm

Hi all

We have done quite a bit of work recently looking at the performance of Tableau with Kognitio.

When connecting to Kognitio from Tableau you should use the generic ODBC connector by selecting "Other Databases (ODBC)". We have developed a Tableau data connection (TDC) file for Kognitio that is designed to optimise performance through this ODBC connector. This is available for use here.

The tdc file should be saved on Tableau Desktop in the following location:
Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources\Tab-Kog-odbc-20150828.tdc
or if you are using Tableau Server it should be located:
Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version>\bin\Tab-Kog-odbc-20150828.tdc
We have based the development of this TDC file on the Tableau Article called "Customizing and Tuning ODBC connections". Click here for further details. The approach is described in the section called "Global Customizations".

In order to apply this TDC file for your version of Tableau and Kognitio you need to check at the top of the file that the connection-customization version number matches the Tableau version you are using. In the TDC file we are using 9.0 which is the latest version of Tableau as I write this.

Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<connection-customization version="9.0" enabled="true" class="genericodbc">
<vendor name="WX2"/>
<driver name="Kognitio WX2"/>
Below this within the customizations you also need to check that the following rows match your Kognitio software version and Kognitio ODBC driver version

Code: Select all

<customization name="SQL_DBMS_VER" value="08.01.0000" />
<customization name="SQL_DRIVER_VER" value="8.01.00-con150226 (c)Copyright Kognitio Ltd 1992-2014 Feb 26 2015" />
You can obtain the information needed by using Tableau Desktop to save a simple workbook:
  1. Open Tableau
  2. Connect to Kognitio through Tableau's generic ODBC connector
  3. Drag a small table or view into the data pane
  4. Click "Go to Workbook"
  5. Drag one measure or dimension onto the worksheet pane
  6. Save the Workbook (as a TWB file) and make a note of where you saved it
  7. Navigate to the saved TWB file and open it using a text editor such as NotePad or WordPad
  8. Search for 'SQL_DBMS_VER' and 'SQL_DRIVER_VER' to get values associated with your current Kognitio system and ODBC driver
  9. Paste these values into the TDC file and save
The TDC file will be applied to every new datasource connection made to Kognitio from this point onwards. If the TDC file is being applied correctly the next time you create a Tableau Workbook from scratch when you click on "Go to Worksheet" you will see a warning message "Tableau identified limitations for the ODBC data source". Click on "Show Details" button. The text you see should match the following exactly:
Tableau identified the following warnings for the ODBC data source named '<your data-source name>':
This aggregation is unsupported: Attribute
This function is unsupported: ATAN2(y number, x number) with parameter types 'float, float'
This function is unsupported: CHAR(integer) with parameter types 'float'
This function is unsupported: CHAR(integer) with parameter types 'integer'
This function is unsupported: DATETIME with parameter types 'integer'
This function is unsupported: SPACE with parameter types 'float'
This function is unsupported: SPACE(number) with parameter types 'integer'
Any differences mean the TDC is not being applied. These limitations are minimal and the vast majority of Tableau functionality should work seamlessly.
Please do post if you find any issues

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