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How do I stop automatic restart of the KAP database

by deborahmartin » Tue May 17, 2016 11:34 am

If you have reliability features switched on in your config file and you want, for example, to patch the OS on each database node, you will need to disable reliability features first. Otherwise this feature may detect one or more database nodes are missing and that may trigger a restart of the database using software raid. Or it may error if too many nodes in a cluster are missing.

Follow the steps below to disable the feature :-

a) Using wxviconf and comment out the line in your config file and save the change.
The SMD's will be restarted automatically whenever you make and save a change in the config file.

from :
to :

b) Stop the database

wxserver stop

c) Perform the maintenance on your database nodes e.g OS patching

d) Once all the work is done, check all the database nodes are back online

wxprobe -H

e) Restart the database using your usual method e.g startup script or wxserver start [sysimage]
Note, if you have rebooted one or more of the database nodes you will not be able to use the "fast" restart method.
See the Kognitio documentation for the options available on database restarts.

f) Repeat step a) using wxviconf and remove the # from "#reliability_features=yes". The SMD's will be restarted automatically when you save
the change. There is no need to restart the database once again.
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