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RAID cluster placement in Kognitio

by Simon.Darkin » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:45 am

How would I commission a Kognitio database with software RAID, and have the RAID clusters span across nodes that exist in two discreet Cisco UCS environments?
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Re: RAID cluster placement in Kognitio

by Simon.Darkin » Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:50 am

This can be achieved by specifying node location information in the local configuration file along with a block attribute to guide the KAP software on where to place clusters. This will override the default behaviour of placing clusters in a way that keeps data local and so you should expect a performance penalty for configuring the clusters in this way..

Let’s imagine you have 5 database nodes in a UCS environment called UCS1, and a further 5 nodes in a UCS environment called UCS2. You could choose to configure this 10-node system with a cluster size of 2, pairing up nodes by taking a node from each UCS environment. This would provide the ability to restart the database and have it run from software RAID in the event of a UCS failure.

As root edit the local config file on each of the 10 nodes using 'wxviconf -l', and specify a file which will contain the node location information. Add lines similar to the following:


On each node create the /opt/kognitio/wx2/etc/wx2-location file, this must be root-owned and non-writable like all other Kognitio configuration files. Within that file you can specify which attributes should be treated as defining a “block”, and which are specific to an individual node. In our example we a cluster to span nodes with the same nodenum value i.e. we want to pair node 1 from UCS1 with node 1 from UCS2 and so on:

kapnode1 (ucs=ucs1, nodenum=1) pairs to kapnode6 (ucs=ucs2, nodenum=1)
kapnode2 (ucs=ucs1, nodenum=2) pairs to kapnode7 (ucs=ucs2, nodenum=2)
kapnode3 (ucs=ucs1, nodenum=3) pairs to kapnode8 (ucs=ucs2, nodenum=3)
kapnode4 (ucs=ucs1, nodenum=4) pairs to kapnode9 (ucs=ucs2, nodenum=4)
kapnode5 (ucs=ucs1, nodenum=5) pairs to kapnode10 (ucs=ucs2, nodenum=5)

Here you would set block_attrs to ‘nodenum’ and proc_attrs to ucs, then assign values to nodenum and ucs on each node as shown in the table above

On kapnode1 you would create the following entries in /opt/kognitio/wx2/etc/wx2-location



Then repeat this on all the other nodes, modifying the values of nodenum and ucs to match the table above

Run a newsys

Navigate to the current startup directory, then review the clustermap file to check that the cluster placement is as you intended
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