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How to do ODBC tracing from Kognitio driver?

by anonymous2 » Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:07 pm

I know how to generate a trace from the ODBC driver manager under Windows, but I hear there is a way to generate a trace from the Kognitio ODBC driver itself. How do I do that, and what benefit does it offer over the driver manager?
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Re: How to do ODBC tracing from Kognitio driver?

by markc » Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:12 pm

The ODBC driver manager supplied with Windows can generate a trace with useful information that can be used to understand most ODBC-related issues. However, the Kognitio ODBC driver can generate a trace with extra information for some actions. In addition, the driver manager can respond to API calls without communication with the driver, so getting the trace from the driver itself guarantees the trace shows the events as the driver sees them.

To enabled ODBC driver tracing, set the following parameters in the WX2 odbc.ini section in the Windows registry, or edit the Linux/Solaris odbc.ini file, under the entry for the WX2 system that needs to be traced:

Under Windows:


Under Linux/Solaris:


If the WX2ODBCDbgFilename is not specified, it defaults to c:\wx2odbc.log on Windows, and /tmp/wx2odbc.log on Linux.

On Linux/Solaris, usually the odbc.ini file is found in /opt/kognitio/wx2/etc, but check to see where the variable WCS points to first.

NOTE : The above entries are case sensitive, please enter the above exactly as you see them.

In case others do not know how to generate an ODBC driver manager trace in windows, putting "ODBC driver manager trace" into a search engine should provide the relevant information, with being the most relevant link to be found at the time of this reply.
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Re: How to do ODBC tracing from Kognitio driver?

by skkirkham » Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:00 pm

On Windows starting a Kognitio ODBC trace no longer requires the need to edit the registry:

1) Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator either from "Data Sources (ODBC)" in the Windows Control Panel or directly from Kognitio Console Connect dialog box.
2) Select the Kognitio driver you want to start the trace on and click configure
3) Click on "Advanced" in the bottom left of the Kognitio ODBC Driver Setup
4) Check the "Enable debug logging" checkbox and select where you want the file to be saved

Don't forget to disable the debug logging when you have the information you need
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