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Console Version 80203s190910 (Release)

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Aug 21, 2019 10:29 am

This release supports new features of Kognitio 8.2.2 and 8.2.3, and has many bug fixes and a few minor enhancements.

This release candidate may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 190910.exe Windows 64 bit ... 910.tar.gz Linux ... 190910.dmg Mac OS-X
Known Bugs
    1. Odd SQL syntax highlighting formatting- seems to be something to do with S'EOF( ... )EOF' strings but cannot reproduce.
    2. Bug in .wxconsole file means latest Console can't start up properly. (cannot reproduce)
New Feaure
    1. Add save+append button to the log pane.
    2. Update schemas in metadata tree when create or drop schema executed in script.
    3. Improved layout for Load, Unload, Import and Export.
    4. Improved Getting Started Wizard.
Bug Fixes
    1. Unloader does not update unload string in some cases.
    2. Black toolbar background on Mac.
    3. Debug mistakenly output in Release builds.
    4. Regression: take log file name from log tab name.
    5. Only reload user macros if they have changed.
    6. Use Qt::UniqueConnection to avoid doing aboutToShow() menu actions more than once
    7. Crash due to ScriptResults invalid in highlightLines() when doing an endScript().
    8. Passwords are not hidden correctly in history trace.
    9. QueryMonitor does not show KogScript queries.
    10. Script debug output not passed to log file for Kog Scripts.
    11. Unify all script debug and logging through common functions.
    12. Crash reports can lead to "Cannot read crash report 'C:/Users/mark.marsh/.wxconsole/'" error.
    13. Ensure domains are loaded into metadata tree before the the possible privileges for the domains are queried.
    14. Handle various error conditions if check existence of object fails.
    15. Set QueriedItem::QueriedItemStatus correctly for queried items.
    16. Ensure that the font size is at least 8 for the Configuration dialog.
    17. Regression: Some keywords (including "replace") missing from default keyword set.
    18. DataItemTree::childRemoved() is too greedy when child occurs more than once in the metadata tree.
    19. Groups do not shown member groups in the dataitemtree.
    20. Dropping schema with cascade does not remove dependent views in other schemas from metadata tree.
    21. Crash when dropping schema with cascade.
    22. Regression: Lua scripts commanded to stop do not abort correctly.
    23. Regression: Pause does not work for KogScript.
    24. ScriptResults not checked for NULL in SQLCommonView::processLineToUpdateMetadata().
    25. Running line highlight not cleared when SQL Script is stopped.
    26. Console crash in SQLScriptView::resultsChanged() when no script results.
    27. '\' within SQL Statements not handled correctly for SQL Scripts or Syntax highlighting.
    28. Some dialog elements are wrongly sized on laptop 4k screen. (96 more combo boxes to go)
    29. Regression: "union" not syntax highlighted.
    30. Turn on "Trace Kog Script lines" by default.
    31. Fix a couple of syntax highlighting issues for python.
    32. History for script does not place multiline script on single line.
    33. Set "Get script debug" button to "Getting debug" while it is working.
    34. "character" in scripts "character set" syntax coloured as datatype.
    35. Fix some unused variable warnings.
    36. Improve Script Debug error reporting to show last line or report.
    37. SQL Ad-Hoc Query for select statements that error give "function sequence error" from ODBC driver manager.
    38. Problem with R syntax highlighter when handling double quotes.
    39. Some R keywords are not syntax highlighted.
    40. Console showing a dropped schema even after refresh.
    41. Update Registered configuration and action correctly.
    42. Large size icons for Save and SaveAll missing.
    43. Raise Help Dock Widget on F1.
    44. Results table height not always set according to format column type and "automatically resize results to fit" configuration.
    45. Use Https and open links in external browser where appropriate.
    46. Getting Started Wizard has dead links.
    47. Diagnose with JSON output caused a crash.
Library & Tools Changes
    1. ODBC: Make sure parameter type SQL_WVARCHAR is taken as SQL_VARCHAR
    2. ODBC: fix bit-rotted use of USE_CRYPTO and NO_SSH_KEY_AUTH
    3. ODBC: Fixes for Mac ODBC driver
    4. ODBC: Add missing va_end in non-Linux error() implementation
    5. ODBC: Introduce makefile and scripts for Mac ODBC build
    6. ODBC: ODBC & JDBC to default to either encrypted session or error
    7. ODBC: If server address is localhost, don't insist on SSL
    8. ODBC: Fix ODBC buffer overrun when DSN is list of >10 addresses
    9. ODBC: fix intermittent AM0052 auth failure when using SSH agent
    10. ODBC: make dbl2Cdbl() work with 32-bit floats.
    11. ODBC: Add ODBC SQLGetConnectAttr attribute to get session number
    12. ODBC: Fix ODBC multi-stage SQLGetData() with binary values.
    13. ODBC: allow all inter-interval conversions where it makes sense
    14. ODBC: fix interval->string and interval->number conversions
    15. ODBC: Improve ODBC error message if Unix socket doesn't exist
    16. LOAD/UNLOAD: Bring Console_8_2_3 up-to-date with ODBC/Loader/Unloader changes
    17. LOAD/UNLOAD: Changes to wxloader/wxunloader/submit for building on Mac
    18. LOAD/UNLOAD: Option to export binary columns as base64
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