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Console Version 80204s200219 (Release Candidate)

by MikeAtkinson » Wed Mar 04, 2020 12:09 pm

This release supports new features of Kognitio 8.2.4, and has many bug fixes and a few minor enhancements.

This release candidate may be obtained through the Version Check tool within Kognitio Console. This may be turned on by selecting "Enable check for updates" in the configuration "Miscellaneous" pane.

It is also available from our updates website: ... 200219.exe Windows 64 bit ... 219.tar.gz Linux ... 200219.dmg Mac OS-X
Known Bugs
    1. Odd SQL syntax highlighting formatting. (cannot reproduce)
    2. Bug in a .wxconsole file means latest Console can't start up properly. (cannot reproduce)
    3. Problem with create view image.
    4. Mac: When I connect to a system the options on the top wxconsole menu (File, Edit. View, Run etc) all disappear and never come back. (Cannot reproduce, probably this is a Qt issue – possibly this is fixed now).
    5. Aborting a Kog Script shows “Abort Requested” in results pane, rather than the results of the last/executing query.
    6. Offline help database contains html files that cannot be parsed (as xhtml) and sometimes shows blanks for help on SQL keywords.
    7. Case 22333 : drop user followed by drop user’s schema causes crash. (unable to reproduce, looks like a Qt or Qt interaction with Windows bug).
    1. BASH syntax highlighting select S'bash( echo "in bash" )bash'
    2. $ Variables within SQL statements highlighted separately.
    3. Add "query from file" to unloader. (includes “wxunloader: option to read SQL query from a file” backported)
    4. Make ODBC connector cope with custom quote identifier characters.
    5. Add Save and SaveAs as menu options on ScriptView extended tab widgets.

Bug Fixes
    1. Customer reported Cases:
      1. Case 22330: mac console cannot change password.
      2. Case 22334: Regression: introduced by "45311: Add Bash syntax highlighting & variable highlighting" - SQL script bug
    2. Remove R Script and Py Script from default toolbar.
    3. Backup save file not removed when script saved.
    4. SQL Scripts: statement text not included in line when aborted.
    5. Don't enable "go to error" for exec statements returning “CI8094: Error running embedded SQL” as the offset is into the embedded SQL.
    6. Add fold on S'here( ... )here' strings.
    7. Error statement not highlighted when history clicked, instead last executed line is highlighted.
    8. update docset with new 8.2.4 documents.
    9. After a client computer has been woken up from sleep, update the metadata and script actions.
    10. Regression: Variable not ended by symbol correctly.
    11. Regression: In syntax highlighting comments are not ended by $variable.
    12. When executing script set the cursor to the first char in the statement, not the last char on the first line.
    13. Bring Console_8_2_4 up-to-date with ODBC/Loader/Unloader changes. (One small change which was missed in the last release)
    14. Check for good database after 10 consecutive errors.
    15. Improve Intellisense auto completion.
    16. Set default tab to 4 spaces.
    17. Update all toolbar icon sizes when configuration changed.
    18. Create Ellipsis PushButton in a consistent way with fixed width.
    19. If we can't get the server version info try again, then inform the user if we still can't get version info.
    20. Improve locking. [now fixed an introduced regression]
    21. SessionId not always obtained before it is used. (sys.ipe_scrip_debug query)
    22. Improve speed of displaying large tables with fixed row height.
    23. Only try to get the script debug info once. (sys.ipe_scrip_debug query)
    24. EnsureConnectionSqlCallbackJob retried unnecessarily. (caused unnecessary queries when connection to database lost)
    25. Improve checking for database connection problems.
    26. Improve Kog Scripting:
      1. Aborting KogScript does not fill in the History correctly, error pane should be shown.
      2. Kogscript single step should start from cursor.
      3. KogScript single step needed twice for first line of script.
      4. When cursor is set to end of Kog Script single stepping does not work.
      5. Kog Script not reset to whole script after partial script single step execution.
      6. Reset cursor position after Kog Script single step reaches end of script.
      7. Single step a selected region of text in Kog Scripts.
      8. Add Configuration option to always single step Kog Scripts from the start.
    27. Add "Queued Time" to sessions info and query info.
    28. On query error, error string parsed incorrectly to obtain the error code.
    29. On Query Error, when Info present error offset not always detected.
    30. Dropping view images via UI does not updated their state in the metadata tree correctly.
    31. Use of == when it should have been an assignment in Help system
    32. Mac specific bugs:
      1. Mac: Remove DSN button does not work
      2. Mac: Set default icon size depending on screen size.
      3. Mac: wchar_t are 4 bytes so use sizeof(wchar_t)
      4. Mac: Console does not connect using internal ODBC using DSN.
      5. Mac: Cannot set the system ODBC file location.
      6. Mac: Ellipsis push button width
      7. Mac: Improve ODBC configuration layout for Console
      8. Mac: If odbc.ini or odbcinst.ini files do not exist when ODBC configuration exits then create them.
      9. Mac: SQLGetPrivateProfileString.c missing from build.
      10. Mac: Updated Qt version to 5.12.6
      11. Mac: Make gp_gidlist() fail on Mac and Cygwin
      12. Mac: MenuBar is missing, especially virtual machines.
    33. Cope better with no web help files available.
    34. Use #define to select whether web viewer is in pane or main pane tab.
    35. Add WebView::setHtml().
    36. Fix crash in RowValuePredicand::parse().
    37. Disk Fragmentation has new value 10 which means must be DISK ONLY.
    38. Updated copyright to 2020
    39. Crash for unstopped script.
    40. Script Debug variables are not always updated to current state of Lua variables.
    41. Query Info tab width of info panel too small.
    42. Long jump not initialised for Kog Script parsing.
    43. Single step in Kog Script should start from beginning of SQL statement.
    44. SQLCommonView::showHelpOn() does not respect ignoreChanges, so shows help when it shouldn't.
    45. Handle future Kognitio versions in Console Help by pointing them at the latest documents.
    46. Use git document repository to parse RST files for index items and find out which files have to be included in the help database.
    47. When multiple help pages are available only ask the user to choose them once.
    48. Handle future Kognitio versions in Console Help by pointing them at the latest documents.
    49. If reading the dependencies fail then Dependencies tab shows "collecting data" forever.
    50. "cascade" is a keyword.
    51. Syntax highlighting goes wrong after $(variable)
    52. Docker container support in Version Check Tool.
    53. Handle $(variable) in SQL Scripts.
    54. ODBC fixes backported from trunk:[/b}
      1. ODBC: Fix ODBC conversion from SQL TIME to SQL_TIME_STRUCT
      2. ODBC: Add ODBC sanity checks on VARCHAR result data
      3. ODBC: Fix error reporting for SQLSetEnvAttr() and SQLFreeHandle()
      4. ODBC: indicate full compliance with SQL-92 from SQLGetInfo()
    55. Add queue_for_each_element_int – gputils fix which should have no effect on Console build
    56. Fix theoretical NULL dereference in hash foreach – gputils fix which should have no effect on Console build
    57. Don't use LONG_MAX to mean the max of a 32-bit int
    58. Don't display PowerBroadcast event for Battery Low or Power Status Change on messages event tab.
    59. "Change Password..." not disabled when not connected to a database.
    60. Passwords not hidden for "change user X change password from "old" to "new".
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